5 great examples of…Industry Competition Microsites

Brands and industry bodies, such as D&AD, Shell and KPMG, regularly host competitions to encourage talent within their industry to get involved in a challenge. In order to build publicity, provide instructions and receive applications, they often create a small website. Here is a showcase of the 5 best sites I’ve come across.

Historic Photographer of the Year

This site has been executed beautifully, plus the competition entry form is prominent, short and definitely encourages the visitor to enter the competition.

Life Framer

What I like about this site, is the way it puts the photography centre-stage. The typography is bold but simple black on white - or reversed out of a photo. It uses clear iconography to convey the benefits of entering and has a clear call to action.

Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition

The highlight of this site is its timeline. This competition has far more milestones than most competitions that normally have around 4, yet they have summarised it well with this set of icons along a date line.

Nxt City Prize

What I like about Nxt City, is that despite using a download brief + upload response mechanism, it makes the user journey feel clear and compelling. It hosts 4 briefs, but all of them can be submitted via the same form.

Accenture Healthtech Innovation Challenge

This page has made the top 5 because it uses interactive elements, such as this “Themes” section, a great selection of inspirational videos and clear set of deadline dates.

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