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What I learnt in a day as a chatbot designer

When I first started playing with the idea of designing a chatbot, I knew it would be very different to creating a website or app but I had completely underestimated just how different it would be....Read more

5 things I’ve learnt from reading... "User Experience Revolution" by Paul Boag

This book is primarily aimed at in-house UX Designers who work within an organisation that is not customer-centric. Despite working agency-side, there were a lot of things I could learn from reading it - especially about how to sell UX ideas into client stakeholders. Here are my top 5...Read more

Navigating the journey from ideas to end-users

It would be easy to presume that the role of a UX designer starts with ideas and sketches, and finishes with site maps and wireframes. However, I have found many more challenges that a designer must overcome in order to see their work reach customers...Read more

Two sides to the story: the business and the customer

As UX Designers, we are often tasked with designing what you could describe as the digital equivalent of the relationship between a customer and a shop assistant in a store. There are two parties involved: the business and the customer....Read more

5 great examples of…Industry Competition Microsites

Brands and industry bodies, such as D&AD, Shell and KPMG, regularly host competitions to encourage talent within their industry to get involved in a challenge. In order to build publicity, provide instructions and receive applications, they often create a small website. Here is a showcase of 5 of the best sites I’ve come across....Read more

Should you opt-out of the Conduct of Employment Agencies Regulations?

They are a set of rules covering how recruitment agencies are allowed to work. Your recruiter may ask you if you want to "opt-out" which means that they wouldn't have to stick to the rules when working with you...Read more

What on Earth is IR35?

If you're a freelancer working through your own limited company, it's important that you understand what IR35 is. This is because it's a legislation that is designed to stop you from avoiding tax...Read more

Going freelance: Part 1: Starting up

My first taste of freelancing came to me whilst interning in London. My boss had mentioned a website to me called studentgems.com where small businesses could find students to do little jobs for them for a fee...Read more