I'm an Experience Designer with over 5 years of challenging projects behind me. I mix customer, business and technical points of view to create engaging experiences.

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My most recent projects

Takeda: Prescriber Experience Map

I analysed the results a survey conducted with Haematologists and Oncologists and produced an experience map which was used to pitch for new business.

See my Takeda case study here

Westpac: Home loan exploration space

I consulted at Westpac, as a key customer experience designer for "Wonder", a market-leading, home loan exploration portal within their internet banking platform.

See my Westpac case study here

HSBC: Home loan application space

A fast-pased, 6 week project in which I lead the discovery, concepting and prototyping phases for an online application portal. HSBC needed a completely new way for their customers to serve themselves online, and with no prior work having been done, it was all on me to start bringing this idea to life.

See my HSBC case study here

Bupa : Ground Miles App

Bupa needed a way to have a conversation with their customers outside of their apaperwork and appointments. We created Bupa Groundmiles, a pedometre app that encourages users to walk their 10,000 steps every day. I worked with our intern, Alice Heath, to produce a beautiful app that is simple and fun to use for a broad audience.

See my Bupa case study here

Santander Online Banking: Responsive Redesign

Santander bank needed their online banking platform to be redesigned to align with their new mobile banking app and to improve the user experience, especially for touch. Working from desktop only wireframes, I created a Responsive Style Guide from which all online banking screens could be designed and constructed. This document required me to design and document every element of the site for various stakeholders within Santander, including designers and developers. I had to be incredibly organised and thorough in order to cover all questions that could arise.

See my Santander case study here

Sky Share : Mobile web app

Sky wanted to launch the first social television guide. I worked to convert the desktop experience into one that worked seemlessly on mobile.

See my Sky case study here

Auckland Savings Bank: Personal loan calculator

ASB needed a calculator that would stand up against the competition. With customer's comparing their personal loan options, this calculator needed to be engaging but simple, and portray ASB's brand when being compared with those of competing banks.

See my ASB case study here

Endemol : Pointless TV Show App

This app was the number 1 selling app on iTunes for a week! I designed the full UX and interface of this turn-based app which compliments Endemol's BBC quiz show, "Pointless". Fans and non-fans can play against each other in head-to-head rounds and on their own in single player mode.

See my Endemol case study here

Bet 4 Good : One day charity UX event

I spent a day in a team of four people rapid wireframing at charity event, Hack4Good. We were asked to streamline the experience of betting on sports matches to encourage donations. I sketched wireframes of the betting process that used a thermometre to show the user how their chances of winning were improving as they bet and donated more to charity.

See my Bet4Good case study here

Capital One : Penalty Shootout App

This app allows football fans to play against each other in a virtual penalty shootout. I designed the UX for the entire turn-based app. This project has given me a lot of experience in gaming user experience. Read more and download the free app here.

Samsung : Life's a Photo

This campaign was run to find out which city was the most photogenic to help elevate the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Camera. I lead the mobile UX design and then adapted desktop designs for mobile users. You can visit the site here.

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