Westpac: Wonder

Work with an agile development team on a home loan exploration portal within Westpac's internet banking platform

Business objectives



Research had previously been conducted so provided the customer experience (CX) team with four personas. We chose to focus on the two most extreme: customers who need to be hand-held throughout the home loan application process and confident customers who would get stuck into the details. From this I put together two different sets of "features/characteristics" for our site that would resonate most with the two persons.

Customer journey mapping

We mapped out the experience from starting to think about getting a home loan right through to re-evaluating a current home loan. To do this we gathered insights from the research and participant quotes from usability testing, mapped them onto the home loan journey, identified pain points and then came up with cross-channel opportunities.

User journeys

I evaluated and improved upon previously designed journeys. This helped to break long form-filling sections into manageable, "save-able" chunks and to consolidate steps where possible.

Agile sprint wireframing

I worked on a team Axure project with three other UX designers creating a mobile-first prototype.

This project had a very large development team which was coordinated by program managers and scrum masters. The CX team worked very closely with business analysts to interpret business needs and technical limitations. We worked to marry these with customer needs in the very business-focused project environment. Daily stand-up meetings kept us on-track with our assigned user stories and the overall project progress.


Many of the interaction design challenges within this project were very complex and required a lot of work and collaboration to find great solutions. I ran several workshops with the CX, visual design, copywriting and business teams to gather ideas and build solutions.


This project involved a lot of conversations and presentations with stakeholders, from large project wide showcases to talking through ideas to members of the leadership team around a whiteboard.

Usability testing

We tested our prototype with customers roughly once a month. I took notes on post-its during the tests, pink for bad things and yellow for good things. I collected all of the results and grouped them into themes (blue) and then created a set of actions for the CX, business, copywriting and visual design teams to work on.


This was a huge project with over 100 people working together. It was very difficult to access people's time so it was very important to make sure that you used people's time wisely. With this in mind, I produced a poster-sized usability testing report with key flags to the different teams. That way, when I had the attention of a copywriter for example, I could point them to the actions that were relevant to them.

Working with legacy databases and systems put a lot of constraints on our work. We needed to be as creative as we could to produce the best designs, considering the technical limitations.


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Team structure

CX team of 12 including myself
Project team of over 100 people

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