Takeda: Prescriber Experience Map

Create a map of the results of a survey about Multiple Myeloma websites answered by Haematologists and Oncologists.

Business objectives


Collecting and analysing survey results

A survey had been sent to and answered by a panel of Haematologists and Oncologists. I access the results and interrogated them, looking for the most interesting quotes and statistics.

Mapping statistics and quotes

I transcribed the results of the survey onto post-it notes. I then laid these out on a white board, grouping them by where they sit on a Takeda website user’s journey: Accessing information, Consuming information, Discussing, Decision making or Sharing. I then separated these again into Behaviours, Pain points and Opportunities.

Workshopping MVP and Future ideas

Although I had already identified some opportunities for both MVP and future sites, I wanted to quickly pool lots more so I could deliver in time for the tight deadline. I pulled the project team together and workshopped ideas with them for each of the 5 sections of the experience map. It was highly beneficial to involve them as they had significant knowledge about the client’s business which helped us identify opportunities that would be likely to be key to winning the pitch.

Creating the presentation document

I created the experience map in Axure and worked with a UI Designer to add icons and visuals to make it pitch-ready.


This project had a very fast turn-around of one week. It meant I really had to think on my feet and work in as lean a manner as possible.

I had absolutely no knowledge of the subject matter of Multiple Myeloma so it meant I had to very quickly familiarise myself with the language that my colleagues and the survey respondents used.

Team structure

Myself - Experience Designer
Lead UX Designer
Account Manager
Client Services Manager

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