Sky: Responsive social platform

Work with a UX Designer producing desktop wireframes, to tailor the experience of this social TV guide for mobile devices.

Business objectives



UX Design

I produced a set of mobile wireframes by reformatting the desktop UX design that had been produced by a freelancer. I then went back to him with challenges and questions that would help align the two versions and together we came up with solutions for both platforms.

UI Design

I then worked with a Senior Art Director to produce the designs for mobile.



Desktop had two main navigations, both of which Sky wanted to be prominent. I needed to find a way to simplify this into one main nav for ease of use on mobile.


Moving Most Liked, Most Recorded and Most Shared within the Trending section allowed me to rearrange the menu and place it at the bottom so that users could easily browse sections, like using a remote control.



This Facebook app has over 500,000 likes with steady traffic on both desktop and mobile.



Follow this link to visit Sky Share.


Team structure

Myself - Mobile UX/UI Designer
Desktop UX Designer
Senior Art Director
Project Manager
Account Manager

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