Santander UK: Brief 1: Mobile Banking apps redesign

Using the existing IA, improve the ease of use by examining the user experience and redesigning the app across tablet and mobile.

Business objectives


App map

I began this sizeable project by taking sceenshots of the entire app, printing them and laying them out like an "app map". This allowed me to get my head around the number of screens involved and work out how I would approach their redesign.

UX design

I identified 5 key screens, created wireframes of them and worked on reformatting the content of each screen, simplifying the information and interactions.

UI design

I created hi-fidelity designs for these screens and presented them to the client, explaining the thinking behind my design decisions. I then worked with Santander to reach a workable design solution.

With clients happy, I rolled out the designs across the entire iPhone app.

Preparation for development and testing

Developers were then introduced to the project and I worked with them to thoroughly scrutinise the app, preparing it for development. We searched as a team for issues that might come up in user testing, trying to iron out any issues before the testing phase. We identified points we were unsure on that could be put to the test with users.

User testing

We tested the app with various types of exisiting mobile banking users. I sat on the other side of a one-way mirror watching the interviews taking place, taking notes throughout.

After two days of testing, we had a wrap-up meeting where we discussed any issues or pain points that had come up during the interviews. From there I made the final tweaks to the app's design to get it ready for launch.


A clean, simple design that allows the functionality to stand out and the graphics to support rather than hinder the user.



New designs are currently being rolled out across iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices.

"★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Excellent app. Clean, fast, great iOS 8 look & feel. [...] One or two less features yes, but MUCH more useable. Made me switch from BoS to Santander. [...] Once again, very good app, the best mobile banking app I've used. It has revolutionised how I track and manage my money. Thank you Santander."



Read the reviews or download it on iPhone and iPad here or android here.

Santander UK: Brief 2: Online Banking redesign

Redesign each UI element of Santander UK's Online Banking platform then create a document to allow developers to reskin the site.

Business Objectives



I was only provided with a set of out-of-date desktop wireframes and Santander wanted a fully responsive redesign without altering any existing funtionality.

The Responsive Style Guide needed to cater for various types of stakeholders. I made the it interactive to avoid information overload.


A new look and feel for the platform that works across all devices and uses their colour palette in a way that creates a strong visual hierachy.

I created the Responsive Style Guide from which all online banking screens can be designed and constructed. This document refers to an asset bank website where developers can download template PSDs and web-ready images.


If you bank with Santander UK you can see my work by logging on here, or just watch the video above.



"Steph was instrumental in the setting up of a digital design relationship and capability with our customer experience team at a time where we had a steep implementation curve and delivery curve. The outputs from Steph, her behaviours and commitment built a working and delivery relationship which proved the benefits to senior stakeholders which allowed me to request more funding to re-design key customer facing interfaces on mobile, tablet and desktop. Steph's professional approach to understand the organisation, the brand and our capability to ensure her outputs were aligned but with a solid layer of creativity is a key element of the work we continue to do today."

Digital Usability Manager at Santander UK, Chris Zimmerman


Team structure

Myself - UX/UI Designer, Jam
Client Services Director, Jam
Design Intern, Jam
Head of Digital, Santander UK
Senior Digital Customer Experience Manager
Digital Usability Manager, Santander UK
Developers, Santander UK

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