Endemol: Pointless TV Show App

Convert the BBC quiz show from a format that works for television into a playable app with both one player and two player modes for fans and non-fans.

Business objectives




The start of this project involved watching many episodes of the television show, reading requirements documents and speaking with the team to start getting my head around everything.

Competitor analysis

I spent time researching other turn-based apps such as Draw Something, Words with Friends and Quiz Up. It was important for me to fully understand how turn-based user journeys work and also get a feel for how competitor apps look and feel. This gave me lots of ideas for interactions, creating the presenters as characters and how to represent turns to the user.

User journeys

It was important for both my clarification and for the whole team, to put together detailed user journeys explaining the process for each turn, for each player. There was not template method for representing this so I reated my own table detailing everything in a simple way for everyone working on the project to understand.

UX Wireframing

I spent around three months wireframing this extensive app, with two large client meetings during this time. The amount of time spent wireframing, taking into consideration all of the input from every stakeholder on the project, meant that the transition into the design phase was very easy.

UI design

I had great fun bringing the show into a new format. The app was given a quiz game feel with colours and themes taken from the show and reworked for the handheld format.



The show was very complex and needed to be simplified to be able to be picked up and played straight away, particularly for non-fans.

The two player mode used a turn-based format which meant explaining intricate user journeys to the clients in boardroom meetings.


A light-hearted, fun app that compliments the television studio. Demo games that use the illustrated presenters to explain how to play in an enjoyable way.



No.1 in the iOS App Store UK for one week.
4 stars on both iOS and Android app stores.


Download it on iOS here or on Android here.


Team structure

Myself - Mobile UX/UI Designer, Jam
Client Services Director, Jam
Project Manager, Jam
Chief Creative Officer, Endemol
Senior Commercial Manager, Endemol
Head of Product, Endemol

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