Bupa: Ground Miles pedometre app

Create an app that motivates people of all ages and fitness abilities to walk every day.

Business objectives



This app has such a broad target audience that it needs to work for many different personas. Most importantly it needed to be encouraging, inclusive and very simple to use.

This was my first UX and Art Direction role working with a design intern. This meant I had to learn how to relate feedback and oversee a project.


Competitor analysis

There are many, many fitness tracking apps in the marketplace so it was important to familiarise myself with what companies such as Nike, Fitbit and Runtastic where doing. I discovered best and worse practices and started to work out where Bupa's offering could sit within the market.


Given the broad target audience it was necessary to segment them into groups, from which we could ensure the app had the functionality to cater for everyone.

User journeys

For each persona we put together a journey from download to using the app's relevant functionality.

UX Wireframing

We put together an extensive set of wireframes which went through a series of iterations as we fine-tuned it and took into account new considerations that arose during the project.

UI design

The wireframes were then brought to life with a colourful, motivating but sophisticated interface design.


A brightly coloured, cheerful app that focueses on meeting your goals rather than beating them. Users are rewarded for consistently meeting their set walking goal and awarded other fun badges for reaching milestones. Users can create groups with their friends and colleagues to motivate each other.



Four stars on both the iOS and Android app stores with reviews such as "This app is great. Love the competition element. Has really got us walking at work."


Download the iPhone or Android app for free.

If you fancy a giggle, watch the promo video created by Hometown London, above.


Team structure

Myself - Mobile UX/UI Designer
Client Services Director
Project Manager
Mobile Design Intern

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