ASB: Personal Loan Calculator

Design a calculator that is easy to use for customers interested in taking out a personal loan.

Business objectives



Ability to compare loan set-ups meant that on mobile, users needed to be able to have all of the information available within one screen height, with click-targets large enough for touch.

Not having used Axure previously, I needed to learn the software on the job.


Competitor analysis

Kiwibank had set the user experience bar high with their loan calculator so it was important to assess all of the market leaders, in Australia and around the globe. Finding the best examples allowed me to build on their ideas and tailor my solution to the needs of ASB.


There's no better place to start than a sketch so I took to the pen and paper and drew loads of ideas for the calculator's layout.


I created a prototype in Axure with inbuilt field validation, ensuring that I didn't miss any important states that developers would need to refer to.

UI design

Using ABS's brand palette, I made a striking calculator that feels warm and simple to interact with.


A tool that strongly reflects ASB's tone of voice and brand, that will stand out when used by savvy customers comparing it side-by-side against a competitor's calculator.



View the calculator here.


Team structure

Myself - UX/UI Designer
Head of UX
Art Director

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